How Can I Become a Board member?

The Board of Directors has established a policy that outlines the process a potential Board Member must complete before being considered for acceptance to the Board. This process is as follows:

  • Complete a Volunteer Application form and submit to the Community Chaplaincy Board for processing in the same manner as all other Volunteers. The candidate is to consent to having references checked, a Criminal Records Check and signing an Oath of Confidentiality
  • Attend a Board Orientation training session
  • Attend Community Chaplaincy Board Training as available
  • Attend two monthly Board Meetings as an observer
  • be nominated and accepted at a scheduled monthly Board meeting or AGM

The Community Chaplaincy Board of Directors is always in search of new members that bring fresh ideas and talents to their organization. If you are interested in serving as a Board member; and if you are prepared to devote a minimum of 4 hours work a month, contact us at 506-851-6384.