Mentoring has always been an influential and accepted way for individuals to learn a variety of personal and professional skills. In fact, mentoring is one of the oldest forms of influence. Mentors can be friends, relatives, co-workers, teachers, as well as historic or contemporary personalities. Most often, a mentor is a more experienced or older person who acts as a role model, fellow citizen, challenger, guide or cheerleader.

Mentoring has become an effective resource for the Moncton Chaplaincy to support ex-offenders and those at high risk of offending to help guide, advance, problem solve and support them in this thing we all call “life”. In addition, mentors can assist individuals to deal with the challenges associated with success, productivity, employment, personal development, relationships and other meaningful areas in their life. If you would like to be mentored or become a mentor please contact us at (506) 851-6384.

This population also needs stable housing, basic needs supported, access to a variety of community services, & plain ordinary friendships & mentors. The successful support and reintegration initiatives serve everyone.

The economy needs productive workers; these ex-offenders need work – they need to be given a chance to be employed and to have hope. The circles of support & accountability is one program that seeks to provide these needed services.

My previous work experience in crime prevention, my own PhD research with children & youth at-risk, & my years of volunteering as a community mentor for young offenders & older ex-offenders that some of the best things one can do to support both the personal growth & thriving of the ex/offender & to prevent crime is to help such vulnerable populations to reintegrate healthily into society.

Cathy Rogers

From having served on the Board of Directors for a few years, and knowing the hearts of the staff and board members, it is my pleasure to provide my personal perspective on the value of the work of the Chaplaincy program in the Greater Moncton area. I highly recommend involvement as a volunteer or financial contributor to this worthy, nonprofit organization that seeks to restore hope & life to those whose hope & life has been compromised.